Wednesday, February 4, 2009

11G : How to Create ADF Business Component ?

Steps for creation of ADF Business Component(BC) in JDeveloper 11.1.1 ::

Step-1 : Create New Application.

Step-2 : Right click on Model and select NEW from the Context menu.

Step-3 : In categories, select Business Tier > ADF Business Component

Step-4 : Select Business_Component_from_table from Item.

Step-5 : Click OK.

Step-6 : put the package(optional, ex, neelmani.model.entities). (This window is for Entity_Object)

Step-7 : select required Schema(ex, Hr)

Step-8 : Check on auto_query.

Step-9 : select table from AVAILABLE and sattle it to SELECTED.

Step-10: click NEXT.

Step-11: put value for model(optional, ex, neelmani.model.queries). (This window is for Updatable_View_Object)

Step-12: select object from AVAILABLE and sattle it to SELECTED.

Step-13: Click NEXT.

Step-14: Now Select Object from AVAILABLE and sattle it into SELECTED. (This window is for Read_Only_Object)

Step-15: click NEXT.

Step-16: Check Application_Module. put Package(ex, neelmani.model.queries) put Name(Ex, NeelmaniModule)

Step-17: Click Finish.